Sunday, October 20, 2013

Equality FTW Results

Whew! Equality FTW is over!

Our bake sale on October 10th and 11th was very successful and thank you to all who brought treats and worked the table/cart.


All in all, we donated $85 to Equality FTW which is really great and I'm really proud of all of you. For something that is just starting here, we are working hard to make a difference.

There will be no meeting this week due to midterms in psychology and the fact that we do not need to meet yet. However, our next meeting will be October 30th at 7:15 AM.

Time to get pumped up and ready for our book club!!

And also....


Be ready with creativity and enthusiasm that Wednesday morning. Feel free to bring any guests. Also try to bring some poster board and markers as we need to make up signs for book club. Thank you!

Your CO,


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