Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Radical View on Feminism

WARNING: this is the author's own view and should not be taken as The Harry Potter Alliance or any other related persons' view on the topic. 

Unfortunately, this isn't a joke.

Recently, Dana Wilbank, an opinion writer for the Washington Post, wrote about Heritage Foundation's conference for Women's History Month in which several extremist women speakers (x x) got up on  a podium and said how much they don't care if women are in government seats or if they are in higher paying jobs.

They say that women should be looking into getting married because feminism has caused a huge unhappiness for women, and we should just forget it.

Unfortunately, these women aren't looking at why these things are important or why women are so angry. Women have had a sheet thrown over their eyes by everyone around them for years and years about how terrible their living conditions are. In recent history, we've finally begun to address the appalling situations of sexual abuse, inequality, and double standards thrown on women. This, in turn, makes quite a few women angry or upset about their situations and how men's attitudes about it affect them.

Additionally, women holding government positions and having equal pay will make everyone happy. There is no reason to be angry/upset if there's no problem. Also, if women are holding more seats in government and higher paying jobs, this gives representation to women that isn't sexualized. These women are held to high esteem and respect. This means that women in general should be held to high levels of esteem and respect.

These women, however, think that, "Republicans aren’t the ones who need to change — women are." 

Unfortunately, this feminist has to disagree. Women are subjected to horrible backlash, mistreatment, and general inequality with everything they say. Women are treated disgustingly by men, and yet, "Republicans aren't the ones who need to change"?

But these women go on to bash feminism even more. They say, “Rather than try to ban words like ‘bossy,’ let’s try to promote real leadership skills, like developing a thick skin." the problem with this statement is that women already have to develop a thick skin because men are horrible towards them because of ingrained sexism from media influences reaching from their childhood. It's not even their fault they're sexist or misogynist--it's because of the society they grew up that sexualized and demeaned women for entertainment. 

But, reader, I leave the decision on whether this was really right or wrong of them to say, up to you. However, I will leave you this tidbit: "The audience for these pronouncements Monday was small and mostly male, many of them apparently Heritage interns." It's almost like no one actually got behind this except men. Interesting. 

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