Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching (10 days!), and we decided we weren't going to do anything for it. But, here's an idea for everyone:

What if we either created (by paper and marker) or printed out valentines for everyone in the school and put them in/on their lockers?

This could be a good way to promote our mission statement which says to "spread the magic of love." I feel like Valentine's Day could be a huge holiday for us to promote chapter values and membership.

Who wants to feel like this

on this lovely holiday when they could feel like this

The magic of love is that we can spread it to others, and this is our chance to do so! I will discuss this further at the meeting today after school, but I would like some discussion in the comments, if possible, on ideas of how to do this. 

I think each valentine should say a catchy phrase involving part of our motto (weapon we have is love/spread magic of love). 

Please discuss in the comments and let's make this valentine's a great one for love and chapter awareness!!

"I love you so much I thought you'd like to hear about this song I learned. Why aren't you saying anything? Don't you like it? Is it too soft, should I play louder? Hello?"


(PS I will put up all information on book club once we have the meeting and everything is sorted out with this whole thing. It will have times, dates, questions, answers, pictures, and a lot of other things I can't remember. All for you guys.)

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  1. First of all, I am loving the pictures. I think we should just make something that we can print out since we're running low on time. We can do something small so we can print a few on a page. (I'm feelin' like some shutterstock photos should definitely be included on them somewhere)